Building a talent pool of change agents

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      According to the National Planning Commission, South Africa has a high unemployment rate among young people, especially those with lower levels of education. The report notes that the transition from education to work is often difficult and many young people struggle to find employment that matches their skills and qualifications.

      How can we improve our support for graduates as they transition into the job market?

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      Employability coaching and workplace integration/transition mentoring. It’s not just the qualifications that help youth navigate and succeed in a workplace. For one youth should be encouraged to utilize career support services, as various institutions offer assistance or hold engagement sessions on these topics. Once in a workplace onboarding and integration by Human Capital should factor a transition program for new entrants.

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        I could not have said it better. We need a work-readiness program (or similar) integrated into the post-matric education system in our country.

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